Members of the SCANEX team at the NAYEN Conference in Calgary, Canada

Much of the SCANEX team went to the NAYEN Conference to learn what is new and what’s coming in Rotary Youth Exchange.

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We Had a Great Outbound Orientation Weekend

Group Pic Camarillo

Say “Hello” to our 2016-2017 outbounds (in their cool new blazers!)!

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Welcome to Our Inbound Students!


Southern California SCANEX inbounds at orientation at Lake Elsinore.

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Fun Meters Around the World!

Paul and Melody St. John traveled to South Africa and found a Belgian exchange student with a Fun Meter.


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Students Enjoying the 4th of July in Boston

The students are currently enjoying their 31 day USA tour.  Here they are about to enjoy the fireworks in Boston on the 4th of July.

Boston Face Paint 2015

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Videos From Students

Recently, we asked inbound and outbound Rotary Exchange students three things about their exchange year.  You can see videos of their responses below.

Click here for the Thank You For Hosting Me! video.

Click here for the Change a Life, Host an Exchange Student video.

Click here for the One Word To Describe Your Exchange video.


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Annual Meeting

This year we will incorporate our annual meeting with the annual NAYEN conference. We will meet Thursday, Feb. 10 at 8:15PM in Sacremento, around the site of the NAYEN official hotel the Hyatt Regency. Please confirm to Melody that you will be attending so she can reserve the correct size room for us.

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Dept. of State proposed regs

Please publish the changes proposed by the Dept. of State to all the Rotary Clubs in your District.  You can find the reference sources on Yeoresources or Yeotalk.   Many of the changes will inhibit the ability of our program to recruit Host Families and increase the cost of administration.   

While we are all interested in the safety of all our students, both inbound and outbound,  wrapping us in a plastic cocoon is not the way to increase their protection!

Within our clubs are members with connections to Congress that can be moblized to modify the regulations.  Unless someone tells them we need help they won’t know what is happening.

Jerry Tambe, PDG/RO

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Pardon the Dust

The SCANEX and Rotary Yes site are in the process of remodeling and change.

Pardon us while the process taks place.

You can contact the website guru at with comments and suggestions.

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