Members of the SCANEX team at the NAYEN Conference in Calgary, Canada

Much of the SCANEX team went to the NAYEN Conference to learn what is new and what’s coming in Rotary Youth Exchange.

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2 Responses to Members of the SCANEX team at the NAYEN Conference in Calgary, Canada

  1. santiago rivero farias says:

    Hi our club Puebla Oriente is part of the district 4185 and it’s in Puebla Mexico, our city is very secure with a lot of history , very nice , it’s a city that has a lot of students from all over the world and a big city, it’s about 120 kilometers from Mexico city, we normally have between 5 to 7 exchange student in our club , this year we have 9 exchange student and we don’t have enough places for all of our kids in our district, this is the reason why we are writing to you, we are looking for more places and we are looking for countries that are beautiful like yours with a lot of culture. If you have places for exchange student in your district and you can give a great opportunity to one or more of our kids, to live a great year with you, and I can assure you that your kids will also have a great year with us, please let me know if you have places, so that we can talk to our chairman so that we can send all the papers that are already filled and ready to you and we can start to make all the paper work for the visas etc. Thank you, and if you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me by mail or phone. My name is Fernando Gonzalez Vigil Escalera Phone number is +5212221319652 Mail

    • Jerry Tambe says:

      Contact your District’s Youth Exchange Officer about how your club can get involved in a Rotary Youth Exchange program.

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