Rules and Conditions

As a Youth Exchange student sponsored by a Rotary club and/or district, you must agree to the following rules and conditions of exchange. Please note that districts may edit this document or insert additional rules on the reverse side if needed to account for local conditions.

Strict Rules and Conditions of Exchange — Violations will result in student’s immediate return home.

1) Obey the Laws of the Host Country — If found guilty of violation of any law, student can expect no assistance from their sponsors or their native country. Student will be returned home as soon as he/she is released by authorities.

2) The student is not allowed to possess or use illegal drugs. Medicine prescribed by a physician is allowed.

3) The student is not authorized to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind which requires a federal/state/provincial license or participate in driver education programs.

4) The illegal drinking of alcoholic beverages is expressly forbidden. Students who are of legal age should refrain. If the host family offers a student an alcoholic drink, it is permissible to accept it under their supervision in their home.

5) Stealing is prohibited. There are no exceptions.

6) Unauthorized travel is not allowed. Students must follow the travel rules of the Host District.

7) The student must be covered by a health and life insurance policy agreeable to the Hosting District.

8) The student must attend school regularly and make an honest attempt to succeed.

9) The student must abide by the rules and conditions of exchange of the Hosting District provided to you by the

District Youth Exchange Committee.

Common Sense Rules and Conditions of Exchange — Violations will result in a district review and restrictions. Severe/Consistent disregard for these rules will result in being returned home.

1) Smoking is discouraged. If you state in your application that you do not smoke, you will be held to that position throughout your year. Your acceptance and host family placement is based on your signed statement. Under no circumstances are you to smoke in your Host Family’s bedrooms.

2) Become an integral part of the Host Family, assuming duties and responsibilities normal for a student of your age and other children in the family. Respect your host’s wishes.

3) Learn the language of your host country. The effort will be appreciated by teachers, host parents, Rotary club members and others you meet in the community. It will go a long way in your gaining acceptance in the community and those who will become lifelong friends.

4) Attend Rotary-sponsored events and host family events. Show an interest in host family and Rotary activities to which you are invited. Volunteer to get involved, do not wait to be asked. Lack of interest on your part is detrimental to your exchange and can have a negative impact on future exchanges.

5) Get involved in your school and community activities. Plan your recreation and spare time activities around your school and community friends. Do not spend all your time with the other exchange students.

6) Choose friends in the community carefully. Ask for and heed the advice of host families, counselors and school personnel in choosing friends.

7) Do not borrow money. Pay any bills you incur promptly. Ask permission to use the family telephone, keep track of long distance calls and reimburse your host family each month for the calls you make.

8) Travel is permitted with host parents or for Rotary club or district functions authorized by the hosting Rotary club or district with proper adult chaperones. Other travel must be approved by the host district contact, host club, host family and student’s own parents/legal guardians in writing exempting Rotary of responsibility and liability. Students may not travel alone or accompanied only by other students.

9) If you are offered an opportunity to go on a trip or to an event, make sure you understand any costs you must pay and your responsibilities before you go.

10) You must show proof of proper immunization.

11) Students should have sufficient financial support to assure their well-being during the exchange year. Your hosting district may require a contingency fund for emergency situations. It must be replenished by the student’s parents/guardians as it is depleted. Unused funds at the end of the exchange will be returned to the student. These funds must be turned over to your Host Rotary Club upon your arrival and is not meant to cover day-today expenses.

12) Any costs relative to a student’s early return home or any other unusual costs (e.g., language tutoring, tours, etc.) shall be the responsibility of the student’s own parents/guardians.

13) Students must return home directly by a route mutually agreeable to the host district and student’s parents/guardians.

14) You will be under the Hosting District’s authority while you are an exchange student. Parents/guardians must avoid authorizing any extra activities directly to their son/daughter. The Host Club and District Youth Exchange Officers must authorize such activities. If the student has relatives in the host country or region, they will have no authority over the student while the student is in the program.

15) Visits by your parents/guardians, siblings and/or friends while you are in the program are strongly discouraged. Such visits may only take place with the host club and host district’s consent and only within the last quarter of the exchange or during school breaks. Visits are not allowed during major holidays, even if occurring during school breaks.

16) Avoid serious romantic activity. Abstain from sexual activity and promiscuity.

13 Responses to Rules and Conditions

  1. Bobbie Ruh says:

    I am a district co-chair for RYE 5470. How can I contact your group to get information about affiliating with a multi-district? Is there a phone number or email address that you can send to me?

  2. Yasmine says:

    what expenses does the cultural student exchange program cover?
    Im 15 years old currently in the 9th grade . Im living in Jordan.
    Am I eligable to apply ?
    thank you.

  3. Sam Kuijer says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    My name is Sam Kuijer, I’m living in The Netherlands and Im fifteen years old.
    I want to be an exchange student next schoolyear (2012/2013) but I’m specifically looking for a host family in Visalia CA.
    Does your organization happen to have any vacant host families in that city.
    Sincerely yours,

    Sam Kuijer

    Sluiskeshoeven 94 5244GR Rosmalen The Netherlands

  4. Jeson Chen says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    My mane is Zengshu (Jeson) Chen, Director of America-China Center of Exchange (ACCE). The reason I’m writing you is because my contacted Chinese organization in Shanghai, China is going to send high school students oversea for culture exchange to southern California in the coming Fall or Winter Semester. My questions are:
    (1)How many Chinese students could you please arrange to place at your club/homestay community for a school year?
    (2)Is there any high school, either private or public, in your homestay community, available to issue DS-2019 Form for exchange student J-1 visa application?
    Thank you for your attention in my request and,
    appreciate for your friendly response!

    Jeson Chen, Ed.D.
    Director of ACCE

  5. Xiaoke says:

    Are there exchange programs to the UK?

  6. Raffaele Maria Ricciardi says:

    Cari amici del Rotary Multi-distretto di ScanEx,
    noi non ci conosciamo personalmente, ma lascia che ti dica qualcosa della mia vita di presentarmi.
    Sono Raffaele Maria Ricciardi, rotariano del Club Oplonti Pompei Vesuvio Est Rotary, distretto 2100, Italia. Io sono stato il Past Presidente del mio Club durante l’anno 2009/2010 e, con l’aiuto di mia moglie Cinzia, sono stato interessante la mia auto in scambio di giovani da quindici anni, in qualità di Presidente Distrettuale. Dal mio distretto la prossima estate lascerà sette studenti per gli Stati, e qui viene il motivo della mia lettera.
    Un mio studente, Tania Pecoraro, è stato assegnato al vostro multi-distretto, ma non sappiamo in quale Stato né in quale distretto.
    Qualcuno potrebbe gentilmente aiutarmi avere più informazioni a riguardo?
    Le sono infinitamente grato.
    PS Il tuo studente del Distretto 5240 California COOLEY Claire è stato assegnato al mio quartiere e l’ho inserito nel club di Napoli Nord.
    Non preoccuparti , lei è in buone mani!

    La ringrazio molto per la vostra disponibilità.
    tuo amico nel Rotary Scambi Giovanili
    Past President 2009/2010
    Distretto 2100 Presidente
    della Gioventù Programma Scambi
    +39 081 861 1652 casa
    39 081 861 5526 ufficio
    39 081 862 6221 fax ITALIA

  7. Sasha Momirović says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am Sasha Momirović I’m 16 years old. Because of my education , I came to the capital of my country , Belgrade , and the enrolled school of economics . I grew up in the southern Serbian village Pečenjevce . I have a great desire to go to an American high school , I would like to see the lives of American teenagers and if it is possible to play basketball in college. I’m interested in social life , politics and sport . I would like to learn more about American culture and economy . America is in my value system, the best example of multicultural community that has the best organized system of democracy for the affirmation of the individual, my country Serbia and the society in which I live is also multicultural , but unlike the American system , the system of democratic society in Serbia is very confusing and the individual is difficult to express fully.
    I await your response in the hope that you will experience their advice and assistance to upgrade and expand their knowledge and interest in the above- mentioned issues.

    • Jerry Tambe says:

      You need to contact a Rotary Club in your country that will sponsor you into the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

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