USA Train Tour

Rotary YES/SCANEX USA Train Tour was founded by Paul R. St. John as a way for those Rotary Youth Exchange Students who completed their high school year in the USA successfully to see more than just the area around their host club.

The tour is based on a 30-day rail pass for foreign passport holders and makes approximately 15 stops. Overnight homestays with Rotary families are planned to cover four distinctly different regions of the USA. Hotels, youth hostels and public transportation is used whenever possible. The tour is paid for by the students.

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  1. Lea Herbers says:

    I am an exchange student and I will arrive at the 19th of August in Utah.
    I would like to take part in the Train Tour.
    How and when could I register myself?
    Thank you, for answering.
    Kind regards, Lea

  2. Guillaume Jacky says:

    I love you Melody!!!

    I miss you ! Send me an email, I lost your address!


  3. huart says:

    hello i am coming in augustus in California for one year and i would like have informations about the train tour .
    Price, how to register, which towns we visit…
    kind regards

  4. Karen L Hager says:

    I recently gave a check to SCANEX for my neice to go abroad. I am wondering if the donation is tax deductable?

    Thank you for you time and the wonderful work you are doing for our children!

  5. Lucas Gasparin says:

    Thank you Melody and Paul for the train tour 2012, it was the best trip in my life, I’ll never forget all the amazing people and places that I got to know!

  6. David Higginson says:

    I am a host parent who has a “son” that would like to go on his trip. He has the ability to pay, but we are trying to arrange a couple of other trips and wonder what the dates for the 2014 trip might be? Also where to they meet to start the trip and where does it end? Does he return to our district prior to going home?

  7. Tracey Holt says:

    Hi, I’m a new Rotarian and my son belongs to Rotartact. I like more more information please on cost and destinations, so we can plan ahead for maybe next year.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tracey and thank you for your note. Congrats on joining Rotary! The train tour is for Rotary Youth Exchange students, and not Rotaractors.

  8. Shane Meyer says:

    Our Rotary Club is sponsoring a student to the USA (Fillmore, CA) and would like to know the dates, cost and itinerary for the 2017 USA Rail tour. Thanks

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