What is Rotary SCANEX & Rotary Y.E.S.

What is Rotary YES (SCANEX)? Rotary Y.E.S. (youth exchange service) is a non-commercial organization formed by ten Rotary International Districts (5000, 5240, 5280, 5300, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5420, & 5490) who have pooled their resources to provide you effective & efficient services. We have an established network of trusted Rotarians involved in Youth Exchange throughout the world helping to ensure a successful and safe exchange for your son or daughter. For the high school year inbound students, we make available an incredible 30 day Amtrak tour of America. The photo on the left is in Boston on the 4th of July and these two girls from Venezuela and Australia enjoyed a little dual patriotic face painting.

What is Rotary Youth Exchange?

This year almost 7,000 students from more than 71 countries will enrich their lives. They will see the world the way it is best seen – from the inside out – through Rotary’s Youth Exchange. Who can participate? The youth exchange program is open to qualified young men & women between the ages of 15 & 19. The sons & daughters of Non-Rotarians & Rotarians are eligible. Applicants are to be approved by a local Rotary club on the basis of a written application & personal interview.

What is ROTARY?

Rotary International is the world’s first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self..

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  1. Mike Hannigan says:

    I am the Special Program Coordinator for the Rotary Zone Institute for Zones 25 & 26, being held in Bellevue Washington September 30 -October 3, 2010. I am trying to contact someone in your organization to see if you would be interested in having an exhibit at the Institute. Please e-mail me or call me at 559-260-5858.

    PDG District 5230

  2. jean-louis Guibourt says:

    We are a French family and we would like our 16 years old son spend one academic year in US, how does it work ?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • We are a Rotary International Youth Exchange program. If you wish to participate then you must be sponsored by the Rotary Club in your area. They will contact us once they determine to sponsor your son.

  3. Joshua says:

    I have a friend in the Republic of Georgia who would like to apply. Can you give me more information?

  4. Sean Zhang says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am Sean Zhang, Vice President of INECS (International Education Connection & Solutions Ltd.). I am writing this to see if you are interested in our American public high school program.

    INECS was founded in 2007. INECS introduces advanced international educational theories, methods and courses to help schools and educational organizations in China develop international programs. We are one of the organizations helping American public high schools recruit qualified Chinese students with F-1 visas who are ambitious to apply for American renowned universities/colleges.

    Through our cooperation with a few excellent American public schools, we have launched a program of year 12 study in American schools that focuses on high school students of China.
    We have helped about 20-30 Chinese students in the recently 2 years and received high praise from both schools and students. Now we are working to find more partners in U.S.

    For more information, you can visit our website:
    I am looking forward to hearing from you and having opportunity to cooperate with you. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

    Sean Zhang

  5. serra says:

    Good morning!

    Our 15-year old daughter (German Nationality) would love to spend 6 months in California to improve her English, learn more about american culture, and, of course, attend school (10th grade).
    We have very close friends providing accomodation for her during her stay.
    Would you kinldy send us URGENT information on the necessary procedures & documentation we would need?!
    Many thanks for your support & best regards from Europe,

    • Jerry Tambe says:

      Dear Andres,
      Our Rotary International Youth Exchange program is for 12 months not 6 and we accept only student that are sponsored by a Rotary Club. If your daughter is still interested then you must contact the Rotary Club in your community about how she can be sponsored.
      Jerry Tambe, PDG

  6. Lexi Martin says:

    Hi, i’m a senior at Yucaipa high, just turned 17 in september, and i also participate in the Interact club and just went to the Rotary-Interact conferance today and was interested in this. I was wondering if i could still do this after i graduate, and try to go to community college there. And if you could email me what places there are available that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Lexi Martin.

  7. Nikita says:

    Hello. I’d like to take part in exchange program but in my city and province there is not rotary club. Is there any opportunity for me?

  8. Annie pollock says:

    Can you give me a contact on how Rotary district 5150 can be a part of Rotary yes/Scanex?

  9. I recently gave to SCANEX for my neice to go abroad. I am wondering if the donations are tax duductable?

    Thank you for you time and the wonderful work you do for our children!

  10. Heidar Jameei says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Iranian and I would like my 16 years old son to spend his two last years of high
    school in us,what should I do?
    Heidar Jameei

  11. Siri Eiamchamroonlarp says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I was trying to get intouch with Chuck Eakes/Country Coordinator-Thailand, also with Paul R.St.John/Chairman. Both of my e.mail were failed to reach both Paul & Chuck. Could you please advise or reply anyone that I could contact regarding an exchange between SCANEX with my District 3340, Thailand. Thank/YIR/Siri

  12. Norberto Butendieck says:


    I would like to introduce myself. I am the chair of District 4355 Rotary Youth Exchange. This is a new district product of the merging of districts 4350 and 4360, which now is very large, covering almost halve the country. Due to the fusion this new district has a provisional certification, although both original districts were fully certified.
    We have a strong program with over 25 candidates waiting for an exchange possibility. Therefore we are seeking places for our students and I wonder if we could make arrangements for 3 exchanges between your SCANEX Multidistrict Youth Exchange Program and our district 4355.
    Please advise.
    Thank You
    PDG Norberto Butendieck B.
    Youth Exchange Chair D 4355

  13. Raffaele Maria Ricciardi says:

    Dear friends of Rotary Multi- district of Scanex ,
    we don’t know each other personally, but let me tell you something about my life to introduce myself.
    I’m Raffaele Maria Ricciardi, rotarian of the Pompei Oplonti Vesuvio Est Rotary Club, district 2100, Italy. I’ve been the Past President of my Club during the year 2009/2010 and, with the help of my wife Cinzia, I’ve been interesting my self in Youth Exchange for fifteen years, as the District Chairman. From my District next summer will be leaving seven students for the States, and here comes the reason of my letter.
    A student of mine, Tania Pecoraro, has been assigned to your multi-district, but we do not know in which State nor in which district.
    Could anyone kindly help me having more informations about it?
    I am infinitely grateful.
    P.S. Your student of the District 5240 California COOLEY Claire has been assigned to my district and I have placed her in the club Napoli Nord.
    Don’t worry, she’s in good hands!

    Thank you very much for your helpfulness.
    Your friend in Rotary Youth Exchange
    Past President 2009/2010
    District 2100 Chairperson
    Youth Exchange Program
    +39 081 861 1652 home
    +39 081 861 5526 office
    +39 081 862 6221 fax

  14. Stephanie says:

    Hello, I am interested in doing an exchange year after I graduate high school. I am a junior now, but when I graduate I will be 18 (my birthday is in April). Would I be too old for this program?

  15. Marc says:

    Hello, my nephew (born in 2002) who lives in Spain would like to spend 1 year studying in the US, starting August 2018. I am writing to you to see if your organization would be willing to sponsor him with my wife and I being his host family. We live in Long Beach, CA (90815) and are looking for a high school close to our place that could onboard him. Many thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Marc,

      SCANEX does exchange with Spain. However, he should contact the Rotary Youth Exchange officer in that Rotary District to apply, etc. However, US State Department rules prohibit family members from hosting students under the visa (J-1) that we use. You are welcome to find other nearby host families.

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